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5 Reasons why you need SEO

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You’ve heard about SEO, we all have. But what is it? How do you do it? Do I even need it?

SEO_analytics OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization is the process of making your website more visible to search engines such as Google. The more Google likes you, the higher your website ranks for a certain group of keywords. Of course everyone wants to rank high and be on the first page, nobody likes to be second. An important aspect of SEO is to make your website easy and friendly for both users and robots.
What does Google have to do with my business and how a professional SEO company can help me, you may ask. There are a couple of reasons why SEO is a good investment for your company’s success.

SEO - OptimizationFirst and foremost, it increases your visibility on Google and makes people notice you. You’ve got great stuff to offer your potential clients, whether it’s products or services. But if nobody knows about you, they won’t come to you, let alone give you their money. 80-90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase. You’d be surprised how many people would do online research before going to the shop to buy something . So this correlations shows how SEO from a reliable SEO company could boost your offline sales as well. Without organic SEO in place, customers won’t be able to reach your page and they will probably end up buying from your competitors instead.

hexagon_2Speaking of competitors, the other important reason why you need an SEO marketing strategy is simply because everyone else is doing it. Your competitors certainly are. If you are not using a portion of your time and budget to optimise the full online potential of your websites, the progress of your business will only suffer.

hexagon_3Okay, we have people coming to our website, being super impressed, sharing our content, talking to their friends about us. In other words, we have traffic on our website. Great! However, we also want to attract the right traffic. The traffic that converts into profit. Knowing the right audience for your business and what they need from you, is key to success. A professional SEO company will help you find your audience and show you how to reach them. If you’ve got the right people coming to your website, sooner or later they will start paying for your products.

hexagon_4Done correctly, SEO can last for a long time and bring money to your pocket without having to do anything. The key is to work with a reputable and high quality SEO company. A lot of black hat SEO companies out there would promise you quick results. Resist the temptation by any means. If you manage to rank up high on Google for a short period of time, don’t expect to stay there for long. Black SEO harms you way more that it actually helps you. Bare in mind that a well-organised and smartly-crafted campaign takes time in order to take effect. However, it could also rank up your website to the top of Google for years without spending any extra money. In the long run SEO could be seen more as an investment rather than an expense. White SEO is what leads to long term results and profit, black SEO is what gets your website banned.

hexagon_5SEO_company Google likes to change its algorithms occasionally. Not keeping up to date with its updates could be damaging for your website. All search engines take into consideration a particular set of characteristics in order to rank websites. If you are not aware what these characteristics are, you might end up making mistakes that will have a bad effect on your websites visibility. For instance, on April 21st 2015 Google announced that mobile ranking factors will come into play and mobile-friendly sites will rank better in search. So if your web page is not optimised, Google will punish you and trust us, you do not want to make Google angry.

In the marketing world, change is inevitable. Websites will always compete for attention and customers. SEO will always be a priority for those who want to be on top. Therefore, those with the knowledge and experience will be able to optimise their websites’ online presence to their full potential and get the benefits.

If you need any advice on your SEO strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to help.

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