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We came, we saw, we never left : A few ideas on how to increase traffic to your website

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web_trafficWhen you are new on the market, getting people to notice you could be hard. Building a brand is a difficult task but after you have built it, you’d want people to see it. No fun having a new Maserati kept in the garage, is it? Apart from the obvious old-fashioned mouth-to-mouth way, there are a few other gimmicks you could and should use to attract people to visit your website and get to know your company. The visitors who arrive on your website fall into two categories – those who turn into paying customers and those who don’t. So it is important to build your online marketing strategy in a way that will result in attracting more paying customers. In order to do that, you should understand where the key traffic comes from. Free traffic or the so-called organic traffic, includes people who arrive at your website through referrals by word of mouth, videos, images, social media posts or articles referring to your company. Paid traffic, quite self – explanatory, brings visitors to your website through sponsored placements or adverts your company has paid for. By law, companies are obliged to indicate when the ads are sponsored so it is easy to distinguish between the two types of traffic. We are about to discuss some of the main traffic drivers that help you reach organic traffic. Most of them relate to each other, we will just give you a couple of ideas how to benefit from them.

Create new relationships or use already existing ones

Connect with blogs or other companies in your industry. Collaborating with an already established brand would create a great startup platform for you and your work would receive visibility way quicker than it would otherwise. If you already have a bunch of faithful customers but you’d like to reach out to new or bigger clients, use your old clients to recommend you to companies they work with. Build relationships with blogs or other publications in your industry to gain popularity across media channels.

Social media platforms

Being on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media you like is inevitable. In 2015 there are 2.07 billion active social media accounts worldwide. People from different ages, background and professional paths are online so you want to be too. However, don’t create accounts on all the possible platforms just for the sake of it. Think about the type of content you want to share and what you want to achieve. Twitter and Facebook are great for creating conversations and interacting with clients. Instagram is especially good for brands, designers and other creatives. Tumblr works well for blogging and visual content. Don’t set up a Pinterest profile if you’d be struggling to keep it up to date with relevant and engaging content. Make sure your (potential) customers can find you online and get in contact through different platforms but don’t overdo it.

Share content people want to read/watch/listen to

This point partly covers what we already discussed above. Even if visitors arrive on your websites, you want to keep them and they will only stay if you have something interesting to offer. Whether it is the company’s official web page or one of its social media accounts, the content is everything. Make sure it is simple, relevant and enjoyable. To encourage them to be back, place an email form where people could subscribe to a newsletter and update them on what’s new every month. When it comes to social media posts, it could be a little bit tricky. You don’t want to be boring and inactive, but you don’t want to be over the top either. Avoid posts where you only advertise, most people get annoyed and sooner or later unfollow. Don’t be ignorant if a natural disaster happened that week, you might want to cancel the overly happy Friday post. Be human and interact with your customers, make sure you answer as many enquires as possible ( bear in mind that this will get harder with time if you are doing it right ). The sort of stuff you will post depends on how you want your clients to see you. Are you a small family company that’s all about the personal approach? Would you rather keep it professional and promote the high standard and quality of the services you offer? In both cases, don’t only talk about yourself, re-post other companies, tweet about trends and holidays, be fresh and funny. Play around with the content and post at different times to find out when your followers are most active and what interests them the most. Gaining popularity online will not happen overnight, unless you are a grumpy cat or Jenna Marbles. Don’t trust any ‘Gain 1000 followers in a week’ shenanigans. Sadly for us all, it is not how it works.

Use visuals

This one again depends on what you specialise in. However, people always enjoy engaging videos. Think about a way to present your products through tutorials. Or tell the story of your brand. Usually videos gain higher reach across social media channels as well. Use the same branding images on all your media accounts, that way visitors are more likely to remember and recognise the brand for future reference.

Unfortunately, there is not a magic formula that will bring success to all of us. Some of these ideas will work better for some and won’t work at all for others. Traffic acquisition requires time, dedication and patience. The best you could do is to try and see what works. The most important thing is to focus your efforts on what your customers want. If they find it, they will stay.

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