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At Shine By Design our belief is that responsive web design is a must-have for all businesses.

Whether you’re a large global corporation or a small start-up in Manufacturing or Professional Services, if you want to remain competitive in an increasingly busy marketplace then you must give your online presence some attention.

We can create a truly beautiful online experience for your audience, and we’ll help you to generate site traffic, sales and brand awareness.

WordPress web design

traffic penalised

by Google for non-mobile friendly websites “mobilegeddon”.

of users fail

to complete simple tasks
on the average website.

of people abandon

a web page if it takes
more than a few seconds to load.

of mobile users have

difficulty interacting with a web page due to unresponsive design.

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Attractive Design

Paying attention to your web presentation is vital.
Content should not only be well organised and well written, but it should also be full of relevant information that entices customers and keeps them on your site.
After all, what’s the use in being experts in your field if no one else stays on your website long enough to realise this too?
Making your website both accessible and welcoming to visitors is a foolproof way to increase web traffic, develops new leads and attract new industry partners.


As the “internet of things” continues to expand, we are becoming far more connected to people, services and products using mobile devices. To remain competitive, it’s important to ensure your website is able to flex and adapt to continuously changing display sizes, as we see a new wave of wearable and mobile technologies emerge.

Google Friendly

Your website should be optimised to improve search engine visibility. There are a number of techniques that we can apply to provide SEO for your website. This includes quality links, descriptions and meta-tags. Don’t worry if these are completely foreign concepts to you, we know it’s not easy so we’re here to help!

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Customer and client trust is everyone’s most valuable resource. Our up-to-date project software ensures transparent dialogue between us and our customers, allowing us discover more about each other.

At Shine By Design we offer branding and digital marketing solutions to elevate the reputation of you and your company


We offer a range of options to help your company reach its full potential.

We believe the idea of customers constantly creating new sites is dated and should be changed. Highly adaptable WordPress enables you to grow your site within your budget and time restraints.

Web design packages

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The Website is beautiful. Looking through it made me tear up. It is amazing!!! THANK YOU!!
Rosjke Hasseldine MS, MBACP (Accredited)