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Top 5 ways to manage your social media content

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You’ve perfected your web design and marketing so now it’s time to get serious about social media

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Digital marketing has everything to do with having a strong social media presence, and that, you’ve no doubt quickly come to realise, is a lot more difficult than just setting up a Facebook and a Twitter page and letting them run on their own. The truth is, social media management is a big part of online success and very few people manage to succeed by just winging it. However, there are tools and approaches you can utilise to grow your social media audience by making yourself a more effective manager of your social media content.

seoBuild on social media’s inherent strengths
Think first about how most users engage with social media. Social media is great because it is free to create a profile and there is no limit to how many people might follow you or access your content as you build your network. However, building a network or potential clients or customers requires discipline and skill. It also helps to have the right tools.

hexagon_2Assign dedicated resources
People who are even just half serious about building up their social media presence will focus on uploading photos, blog posts and videos, as well as commenting and engaging with their followers. And that’s great; these are necessary habits to get into if you are going to get some traction. But it’s not necessarily enough, and it can become quite time intensive and you could find yourself making sloppy mistakes if you rush through your posts or copy and paste from one platform to another. Ultimately, you’ll need to either set enough time aside in your schedule to adequately manage your social media accounts or delegate to a social media professional or another member of your team.


hexagon_3Learn from the experts
There are plenty of regular people out there who hire others to manage their social media accounts for them. It can literally be a full time job. But if you don’t have that kind of time, you’ll want to ask yourself some of the questions that great social media management experts ask themselves…and then you’ll want to know how to get the answers.

You may want to ask, “what sort of content does my audience respond to?”, “what are the best times to post my content on different sites?”, “how can I effectively drive traffic across platforms?” or even “am I neglecting my following in any key areas and how can I remedy that?”

hexagon_4Make data-driven decisions
The answers to these questions can be found in the data that certain analytics programs can provide for you. Software programs like HootSuite, Spredfast, and Bitly allow you to do things like see exactly when your core audience tends to log on so you know exactly when to post content, track clicks, track conversations across social networks, and achieve a demographic breakdown of your audience.

Following those trends allows you to know how to market to people in social media with a detail that you won’t get just be looking at your notifications on Twitter and Facebook. There are all sorts of very useful data that you can acquire by utilizing some of these programs, and doing so will allow you to make much more strategic use of your time.


hexagon_5Schedule your posts
What will also help you to master social media management and digital marketing is consolidating the time that you spend posting on separate platforms by posting on each of them simultaneously, as well as scheduling when and where you post according to optimal engagement times. Applications like Everypost allow you to post to each of your accounts at the same time (it even has a function that breaks your posts down to 140 characters to fit on Twitter). Software like Stagger enables you to stagger the uploading of your content through the course of a given period of time so you can upload content consistently without even having to open a browser, and likewise SocialOomph allows you to schedule Tweets throughout the course of a day.

Some of these programs are paid, and few of them are free. Regardless, if it’s worth the investment of your time then it is probably worth the investment of a little bit of money to maximize the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. Master some of these tools, and in combination with killer content you’ll find yourself reach a new level of digital marketing success.

If you need any advice on your Social Media strategy, don’t hesitate to find out more. We’d be more than happy to help.

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