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How does social media affect SEO?

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social media and seo

If you think SEO is only keywords, heading tags and meta descriptions, you are late to the party. With constantly evolving online marketing strategies, it comes as no surprise that SEO is changing too. A lot of marketers still consider SEO and social media as two separate sections of the marketing world. However, in the last few years there have been more and more indications that social media affects search engine optimisation in one way or another so leaving it out of your SEO strategy would be unwise. Here is why our SEO (and social media) experts want you to be on Twitter.

New form of link building

Link building has always been a top priority for both Google and SEO experts. Now Google indicates social signals such as Tweets, Facebook posts, +1s and so on as an alternative way to collect links. If a link was tweeted plenty of times, it would have a higher visibility in search engines. It is a way for Google to distinguish and select quality content. That’s why it is important to share your most compelling news stories and blog posts on social media.

Profile ranking

It is common to have Twitter or Facebook accounts ranking high on the first page for brand terms. This does not send direct traffic to the company’s web page but social channels feel more personal and are great for brand awareness. Apart from all the standard search results, Google shows you news articles, in-depth articles, videos, photos and so on. All of these are not only important to SEO but also users are as likely to click on them. In some cases, social media accounts come up even higher than the company’s web page. No marketer wants to miss that opportunity.


Google loves Google +

This one does not really need an explanation. Google takes into account your activity on Google+ so make sure you share all your content on the platform and take part into Google+ communities. If you are active on Google+, the search engine is more likely see you as a credible source and rank you higher.

Someone invited Bing

On a serious note, Bing have confirmed that they take social authority into consideration and, contrary to Google, they stick to what they say. Bing has been completely open on how social media influences their ranking algorithms. With the success of Windows 10 and its market share steadily growing, Bing is not to be underestimated and should definitely be part of your SEO strategy plan.

It is not all about Google and Bing though

In 2012 Facebook had around 1 billion search queries daily. Social media engines receive an enormous amount of searches that can’t be missed by SEO experts. More and more people are likely to research a company first on Twitter or Facebook before accessing their website. Plus, users spend hours on social media so one of the easiest ways to direct them to your website is from their news feed.

It is all about the users

social_media_managementLast but not least content is king. Yes, everyone keeps saying that. Yes, you have heard that millions of times. But it is the reality and it is essential to understand that search engine optimisation isn’t only technical anymore. Search engines are getting more and more human-friendly and want to offer their users quality content. One of the most popular ways to find content is through social channels and Google knows that (well, Google knows everything anyway really).

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