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What can digital marketers learn from social media?

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learn from social media

Following the success of Snapchat and the recent announcement from Facebook that they are trialling a secret private messaging service, digital marketers around the globe will all* be asking themselves the same question:

How can we hop on this bandwagon and use these services to benefit our clients?

After all, engaging with social media in general is the most cost-effective way that a company of any size can engage with their audience.

Well look no further – we’ve come up with your answer and it’s pretty much all about the two ‘b’s:

Branding and buying.

How are global companies adapting?

It’s no surprise that companies such as Coca-Cola and Amazon are big fans of the instant messaging service that sees photos and videos disappear after being viewed by their respondent.

This is because Snapchat allows companies to deliver brand awareness through creative exposure and ‘giving back’ to the viewership via campaign launches, the live capturing of events and product demonstrations – to name just a few.

Yet while that’s all well and good and it’s undeniable that social media can definitely ‘humanize’ your business, it’s not just about the branding.

It’s more about the privacy.

The lure of Snapchat and other disappearing messaging services such as Wickr and TigerText for businesses is the element of privacy and message of exclusivity.

As the UK political scene sees Theresa May taking up her seat as Prime Minister, it’ll be no shock if her Draft Communications Data Bill (commonly referred to as ‘Snoopers’ Charter’) is brought to the forefront faster than expected, which is where the importance of data encryption or ‘disappearing’ messages will come in.

How is Facebook going to change the game?

It’s here where the ‘buying’ malarkey comes in, and where digital marketers should particularly take note.

If they’re savvy, Facebook could totally revolutionise the way that we shop by integrating e-commerce with social media, given the promise of privacy that their new feature holds.

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What does all of this mean?

Companies like Shopify and BigCommerce have the e-commerce software sector pretty much covered, but with their announcement and promise of privacy there could be a real opportunity for Facebook to develop their reach to the B2B sector and beyond.

It seems therefore that while the classic view of social media is that its scope is limited, as privacy and the use of disappearing messaging systems increases, the e-commerce world is likely to respond and develop itself in alignment.

* Or at least, the good ones will be anyway…

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