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A quick guide on how to be a web design master

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web_designThere are a lot of sleek, user-friendly, perfectly responsive WordPress websites out there that make both their users and their creators happy. However, there are plenty of websites in existence that are able to give you nightmares. Flashing letters and poor quality images ( photoshopped together to create a digital collage ) are only some of them. The good thing is that in today’s digital age you’ve got endless opportunities to play around with techniques and implement your ideas. Whether you are a web design agency or a freelancer, following a few simple steps could step up your web design game to a whole new level.


WordPress web_designRule number one – don’t overdo it. Don’t try to place all the information on the home page and cram all the images you’ve got. We know everything seems important but simplicity is key to web design. Prioritize what matters the most to your company and put the focus only on the essential elements. Not only it looks better but it also makes navigation across the site easier for users. A good web page should be quick and easy to use, visitors won’t stick around for too long if they don’t know where they are or what they are looking at. A little tip from us – don’t be scared of white spaces. Our eyes are not meant to work in a linear fashion so leaving white space let users absorb the information easier.


Make sure the navigation flow on your website is as easy and intuitive as possible. Users leave pages way quicker than you think if they are unable to immediately find what they need. Primary navigation options are usually set in a horizontal menu on top of the site. If text is underlined, users would normally expect a link. Plus you wouldn’t want to distract them when they are about to make a purchase. The less things there are to draw them away from the main conversion goal on the web page, the better.

Limit your colour scheme

Why have 3 colours, when you can have 13? This one depends on the particular web design of course but avoid getting carried away with colours. Instead of using completely different colours, use shades of the same one to enhance the texture of your visual design. As mentioned earlier, you want users to focus on the essential elements but using too many colours could distract the eyes and have the opposite effect. In case you are struggling with picking a colour scheme, use this little handy colour generator.

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Keep SEO in mind

Whether you are working on your company’s website or you are a web designer creating web pages for clients, SEO should always be at the back of your mind. The number one thing to remember is that it is not websites that rank but web pages. Take the time to build each page to be both informative and visually pleasing at the same time. Optimise them as much as possible – keywords, appropriate title tags, H1 and H2 tags, URL chains and last but not least mobile optimisation. Google has been very strict with mobile-unfriendly websites so make sure you are not in its black books. WordPress websites are the easiest way to make sure you cover all devices.

Use multimedia

Everyone likes a good video. They get more exposure and are a great way to engage your users and share your brand’s story with them. If you are feeling adventurous, you can follow WWF’s example and include an interactive web page to encourage users to participate and increase brand awareness (while having them subscribing to your newsletter ;).

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In case you need any help with your web design, don’t hesitate to contact our Brighton WordPress web design agency and ask for advice.

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