5 tips for using Instagram for business or how to be a social media expert

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According to L2’s report, Instagram has been the fastest growing social media for the past five years. Engagement on Instagram is 15 times that of Facebook’s, with 55 million images uploaded daily and 16 billion photos shared to date. The report shows that 92% of luxury brands who are active of 5.5 times a week have seen a significant increase in their customer base. However, Instagram is rarely on marketers’ priority list.
Brands that are already on top of their Instagram game have seen the potential of the platform to increase brand awareness, develop a customer-based community and expand eCommerce sales. So why not give it a try with a few tips we’ve learnt from the pros on Instagram.

Behind-the-scenes snaps

Instagram gives you the opportunity to build and showcase the character of your company. There is no better way to create a bond with your customers than sharing with them what happens backstage, something they could never witness otherwise. Instead of only uploading photos of the final product, show the creative process behind it. People enjoy feeling involved. The Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab is a great example of how easy it is to connect with fans through behind-the-scenes shots. Models, haute couture, catwalks and expensive dresses could easily alienate the average buyer. However, showing goofy photos of models giggling and having fun backstage makes the brand way more relatable.


Let your customers meet the person behind the screen

This one is a follow-up of the point made above. Companies that provide services could use Instagram for their clients to meet the faces behind the service. People relate to people way better than they do to programmes. The platform could be your chance to create a character for your brand and better communicate your company’s values. For example, Hootsuite, one of the biggest social media managing platforms, are known for letting their workers bring their dogs to work. They (successfully) use Instagram to show clients what makes them unique beyond the managing tool they provide. Plus, who doesn’t like seeing puppies on their Instagram feed? Isn’t that why social media exists anyway?


Organise contests

Behind-the-scenes type of posts are great for brand awareness on social media but if you’d want to encourage engagement, contest is what you really need. Hosting projects and contests is the most successful way to increase visibility and get your fans involved. Everyone likes a little challenge and a free gift. Using a unique hashtag will make it easy to collect all the photos. Everyone’s favourite Ben&Jerry’s held the #captureeuphoria campaign asking their fans to took a photo depicting the euphoria they feel when eating Ben&Jerry’s ice cream. The winning images were then featured in custom-made ads. The clever and funny campaign resulted in 22% increase in Ben&Jerry’s Instagram followers for three months, over 15,000 submissions and 70 million media impressions.


Feature customers using your products

Instagram - gopro

This technique is a double-win. You not only provoke fans engagement but you also advertise your products through happy customers’ reviews. GoPro has mastered this approach through featuring their customers’ adventures. The social media account has turned into something like a mini-travel blog which makes it incredibly visually pleasing and gives GoPro the opportunity to show off what their products can do.

Take advantage of Instagram Videos

Undeniably, videos on social media receive better response than text posts or photos so all marketers are desperately trying to integrate video content in their marketing strategies. Instagram video is no exception. You’ve got 15 seconds to be creative, eye-catching and engaging on Instagram so make sure you use them smart. General Electric are a real expert when it comes to video content. Instead of using videos to advertise their products, GE creates short informative videos showing the production process. The company takes advantage of its fans mutual interest in technology and science and provides them with content they’d find not only entertaining but also educational.

Instagram - generalelectric

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